Why I became a wedding celebrant?

Why I became a wedding celebrant?

Why I became a wedding celebrant?

I have worked in the hotel sector for over 20 years and was a wedding and events planner for the last 8 years.

I never really thought too much about weddings until I started in this role and meeting couples who were looking for that perfect venue. Couples were putting their trust and faith in me that I would ensure that their day was just perfect. The longer I was “the wedding planner,” the more I realised that this was something that I wanted to do on another level.

And so I decided to train as a family celebrant and can perform wedding ceremonies, vow renewal ceremonies as well as baby naming ceremonies.


I am mum to two grown up boys. I still don’t think they know what to think of my new found career! Never the less, they think its great and are very encouraging.

I am naturally a very chatty person and love meeting new people. Yes, I know you could be rolling your eyes thinking “I bet she says this to everyone”! But seriously, I genuinely do and I love a good laugh.

I didn’t really know what to expect with the training and thought, “sure, how hard can it be?”.  I have worked in hotels for long enough to !

I quickly realised that the only advantage of my previous career was that I had seen so many wedding ceremonies and that was it! However, the biggest difference to note is that planning a wedding is very different to actually performing a wedding..

Being a Celebrant

There is so much more to being a wedding celebrant. What I really love about what I do is that couples have complete input into the kind of ceremony they would like for their day. I can give suggestions and ideas but ultimately its the couple that have the final say. It is very much about the couple and their lives so I suppose you could say “their wedding their way”!

As I am a celebrant with no affiliation to any particular association. Couples have so many more choices and options as to what they would like in their ceremony compared to before.

The other major plus for me and couples is that I can perform the wedding ceremony anywhere! Even up the side of a mountain  if need be (West of Ireland weather permitting of course). Other solemnisers are restricted and bound by regulations and will not do this.

If you are looking for help in deciding and planning you special event then please get in touch using my contact information below.

Telephone: 086-389 7381