I don't need a Wedding Planner...or do I????

I don't need a Wedding Planner...or do I????

I don’t need a Wedding Planner……or do I?

In my days working as a wedding coordinator I often wondered why couples thought they needed a wedding planner, especially when they were living in Ireland. As a coordinator I have always gone over and above what I was meant to do in my role within the hotels I worked in. I now know that this was not the norm!
I was lucky that the venues I worked in did not have a huge volume of weddings and I was able to help couples more.
I especially noticed that couples who were coming to Ireland from overseas needed more help and a lot more time was devoted to them.
Couples who were in demanding jobs or had small children and found it difficult to make time to look at venues, check out bands also benefited with a lot more of my time.

Hotel wedding coordinators

Hotel wedding coordinators want the very best for their couples but can sometimes have 2 or 3 weddings in a row each week from April to October with the shoulder months a bit quieter with the exception of December.
Hotel Coordinators are amazing people who will do anything within their power to make sure that your day is perfect no matter how much pressure they are under.
Unfortunately (and this has happened to me) some couples need more time than others and this may not just be possible for the hotel wedding coordinator to give.

Misconceptions about wedding planners

I think there is a misconception that wedding planners
a) cost too much money
b) have an easy job and that anyone can do it
c) the venue has a coordinator who will do everything for me so i don’t need one

Here’s what I know

A wedding planner will only have your interest at heart and will take your brief and work from that. You may not have a brief in the beginning but a planner will offer help and advice on ideas that you may have and then go from there.

Ultimately we are there to take the pressure off you so you can just enjoy the whole build up to the wedding and know that on the day itself, we are there making sure everything goes smoothly.
A wedding planner will put a lot of time and effort into sourcing the best venues/suppliers etc for you that you wouldn’t have the time to do yourself.
A planner will be there from the minute you book through to the dancefloor on the night of your wedding.

It takes years of experience to be a wedding planner. It’s very different organising a party to organising one of the most important days in a couple’s life. I met many people over the years who had organised a family dinner or a small party and often said to me “Oh Cathy, I would love your job, it must be so glamorous”!
It might be glamorous on the day, but in reality, hours and hours of work have gone into making it glamorous. And, let’s be real, we all look glamorous with a good wash and blow dry.

I was speaking to a couple recently who were thinking about employing the services of a wedding planner but they just weren’t sure how it would work or what they would need to do themselves.
The said couple had very senior jobs and other commitments outside of work so they were feeling a bit overwhelmed with what had to be done.

I offer a few different packages and will also tailor a package for couples. I feel very strongly about being open to adapting packages where possible. Sometimes, it’s just not a runner but there is usually room there for tweaks!

Anyway, this couple had picked the date and that was it. I explained to them that I would shortlist a few venues based on their consultation and go from there in terms of suppliers. They couldn’t believe how much I got done in such a short space of time. They would never have been able to do it themselves.
This is what wedding planners do. We take our direction from you and go from there. We do not have other full time jobs and are not trying to juggle work, family and social life around planning one of the biggest days of your life.

It is by no means an easy job and it is definitely a career that you have to be passionate about. It is most definitely a very rewarding one.
Even in my days working in hotels, I always loved being there on the wedding day itself. There was always a great sense of pride with my couples as I had been on the journey with them. Sometimes tears along the way and quite often I was a shoulder for them to blow off steam! We had lots of laughs too and I am still in contact with some couples.

So for those of you who are feeling overwhelmed or just don’t know where to start.. don’t dismiss a wedding planner.

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