Your Menu Tasting

Your Menu Tasting

Thoughts for your Menu Tasting

So you’ve picked the venue of your dreams and everyone likes it (remember this is also as important!!) and its time to think about what your menu choices will be. Before I go any further please remember that on the day of your wedding, no one will starve. No matter what you think, keep this nugget of info to the forefront of your thought process with final menu choice.

Who should go to the menu tasting

My top tip here is for just the two of you to go. It can be a night where you get to just enjoy the wedding planning with just the two of you.
I know it is really thoughtful to bring your parents / some bridal party along but it can turn into a nightmare, the worst meal you have ever had and I’m not talking about the food here!

Times have changed and nowadays most couples pay for their own wedding so parent involvement in the wedding is limited or nonexistent in some cases. I have seen couples bring their parents along to the menu tasting to make them feel somewhat involved. Some couples have brought their BM and MOH. Others are brave enough to go it alone and make the decision themselves.

When to have your menu tasting

Generally speaking I would advise doing your menu tasting about 2/3 months before your wedding day. You don’t want to leave it too close to the wedding as between hen and stag parties, hair and makeup trials, wedding dress fittings and more the last few months tend to fly by.
It can also be a good time to meet up with your venue coordinator to have a run through the day and you can ask any questions that you might have been holding on to ask in person.

How does it work

In my experience, menu tastings differ from hotel venue to venue. For the most part, I think, your choices will be presented to you the same way they will be presented on the wedding day.
I should point out at this point – it is really important that you see how the menu you choose is going to be presented and served on the day. I have seen venues where dishes are served one way at the tasting and a completely different way at the wedding!

Venues will more than likely ask you to choose a few different starters/soups/main courses and desserts. This is great as you are getting full portions of each option so you will see how it looks too.

How do we pick what to taste

Pick dishes that you are leaning towards yourself. Don’t be afraid to try something a bit different…something that you wouldn’t have at home.
It will be difficult to narrow it down and I know that you will more than likely be thinking of everyone else but yourselves. There is no rule that says you need to have vegetable soup, Beef or Salmon..
So here are a few pointers that I hope will help with your decision.

Guest requirements

In recent years there seems to be more dietary preferences and intolerances that will need to be brought to the attention of your coordinator. Venues are very accommodating nowadays and the day of stir fried vegetables with noodles as the only vegetarian option are thankfully gone!

Generally speaking, most dishes at weddings and events are gluten free, or gluten free option available so it is not a big deal if someone forgets to tell you. Don’t panic, the venue will be able to organise something last minute.

Depending on the time of year may be a factor in your choice here. In colder months it is lovely to have a warm starter but if you are having a soup course, you can opt for a cold one.
There are so many lovely choices out there so try something that you both like.

Meat and Fish or Meat and Chicken or Meat and Meat or Fish and Chicken
I have had some great laughs over the years about this one. I was at a menu tasting with a couple and the brides parent’s years ago and the big debate was Beef and Lamb or Beef and Cod.
The Bride and Groom wanted Beef and Lamb as neither of them liked Fish. The Brides mum was horrified that this might be an option as “most of my family hate lamb”!
How we laughed when I reminded her that thankfully, they could choose the Beef and would not starve.

I think that might be my mantra here, NO ONE WILL STARVE. Everyone will eat, drink and have a great day. Once the food is hot and tasty that is really what matters.

So, be brave, go for what you would like.

Oh, as I briefly mentioned drink. With wines, nearly everyone will drink a Sauvignon Blanc and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

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